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Welcome to study at Karelia University of Applied Sciences!

On this Guide, you find information about starting the studies, housing, academic year etc.

Instructions on accepting the study place, registration and copies of school certificates you find here.

Detailed information regarding starting the studies (time, place etc.) can be found here. At Karelia, you study with your own computer. Read more.

Tuition fees for non-EU/ETA area degree students

You will receive username to Karelia UAS network and detailed information about Karelia Start Kit -online course in July-August before the start of the studies.

Once you have a username you will be able to login to Pakki Portal. Pakki Portal contains information on studies and services provided by Karelia UAS.

Guide in Finnish


  1. Greetings from the President
  2. Academic year
  3. Schedules
  4. Curriculum and individual study plan
  5. Replacement, inclusion and proof of competence (RLP) of prior studies
  6. Combining studies and sports
  7. Degree regulations
  8. Campuses of Karelia UAS
  9. Internationality in studies
  10. Study units, workload and study methods
  11. Library and information services
  12. Study counselling
  13. Student Union POKA and greetings from peer tutors
  14. Student health care
  15. Sykettä Sport Services
  16. Financial aid and student benefits
  17. Residence permit
  18. Housing
  19. Living in Joensuu, Finland
  20. Finnish language on the Internet
  21. Student Union POKA
  22. Admission Services & Student Service
  23. Karelia UAS online


Academic year

An academic year is divided into autumn and spring terms and in addition, into three periods, i.e. autumn, spring and summer periods. Degree students receive financial aid for autumn and spring periods automatically, if they have once applied for it and are eligible.

No autumn or winter breaks are scheduled during autumn and spring periods, but Christmas, New Year and Easter time are free of scheduled studies.

Summer studies conducted during the summer period provide you with an opportunity to speed up studies. No common teaching for degree students will be arranged during this period. Degree students studying during this summer period can apply for financial aid for this period separately.

First year International Business studies begin on Monday 2 September 2019, Wärtsilä campus, Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu (map). It is important for you to be present from the very first day, since plenty of essential information on studies will be provided during the first week of studies. Moreover, several study units with compulsory attendance will start immediately.

Due to the intensive nature of this study unit, we advise you to purchase the following course material beforehand: Philip Kotler et al.: Principles of Marketing, 2007 or newer edition.

Timing of academic year 2019 - 2020


All Karelia UAS schedules can be found on TimeEdit as follows:

TimeEdit - Select language on the left hand upper corner - Public schedules - Groups - Set the start and end dates - Search using your group code.

International Business degree students starting the studies in 2019, your year group code is LTBNS19. Schedules for autumn will be published at the latest in July (changes are possible).

On some courses, the year group is divided into smaller groups. Therefore, in the schedules there will be the same lessons for different groups on different times. The groups are formed once the studies begin.

Curriculum and individual study plan

Curricula define learning outcomes and the planned process of your professional growth and learning. Curricula are based on our UAS´s strategic choices: we try to be like pioneers in the field of education, we try to act responsibly and we try to develop the working life and entrepreneurship in the area.

We plan our curricula with co-operation with working life representatives to take into consideration their demands and development ideas. We want to ensure that you have the best possible chances to get your future job.

Study units are individual, separately assessed parts of a degree. Versatile study and implementation methods can be used in study units. The BBA curricula include 210 credits. In your degree, you will have study units in common core competences and in complementary competences.

On implementation plans on SoleOPS you will see the implementation methods, way of grading, learning outcomes and core content of a study unit, student´s workload and assessment criteria. On SoleOPS select Academic year 2019-2020, Degrees at universities of applied sciences, Degree Programme in International Business.

An individual study plan is a tool for you in planning your studies, and for developing your competence and expertise. You will fill a document form of the ISP in the beginning of your studies. The plan will be revised yearly in individual development discussions with your tutoring teacher or with your student counsellor. You will receive group or personal tutoring on the making of the plan.

Opiskelu luokassa

Replacement, inclusion and proof of competence (RLP) of prior studies

You have the possibility to get credits from your existing knowledge and competence relevant from the point of view of the learning targets set in the studies to be utilised in the degree though RPL practices (recognition and accreditation process). Though RPL practices, you are able to replace or include your prior studies or proof your prior competence as a part of your degree.

The concept of recognition of prior learning is based on the principle of lifelong learning, the idea of which defines a student's competence being a result of skills and knowledge acquired through both formal school education and non-formal education and informal learning.

RPL Instructions for Student

Combining studies and sports

Karelia UAS and Joensuu Sports Academy are co-operating closely to give you the possibility to combine your competing top sports and studies in a degree programme at the same time. Joensuu Sports Academy co-operates with other institutes and sports organisations in the region and helps you to combine and integrate your careers in studies, work and sports.

At Karelia, you can also take 5-15 ECTS credits in Sports Academy Studies (complementary studies) as a part of your degree. The course contents and requirements are listed in SoleOPS under complementary studies.

At Karelia, the contact person concerning the Sports Academy Studies is the Head of Student Counselling Ms Mervi Kurula (mervi.kurula(at)karelia.fi, gsm 050 523 4271).

Read more information at Joensuu Sports Academy

Degree regulations

Degree Regulations are the basis for implementing students’ and the members’ of staff duties and responsibilities. It is a key document for both students and the staff. All these rules and regulations have been planned to support you and allow a smooth progress of studies.

Campuses of Karelia UAS

Karelia UAS operates in Joensuu on two different campuses, Wärtsilä and Tikkarinne. At the Wärtsilä Campus International Business, Business Economics, Tourism, Forestry and Engineering students work towards their professional future.

At the Campus, you will enjoy a relaxed and warm learning environment and you will be part of our supportive community. The Campus is located just a stone throw away from the city center of Joensuu. You can easily access our Campus from all parts of the city by bike and bus.

Our Campus is modern; the wireless internet access as well as group work and computing facilities enable you to study efficiently during your days. The Campus restaurant provides you with warm and affordable breakfast, lunch and snacks at low student prices. Our Campus facilities offer you versatile places for independent studies.

You will receive a parking permit on the first day of studies from the campus caretaker by showing your official identification document.

Locations of Karelia UAS campuses on map

Parking at Wärtsilä campus

Internationality in studies

Internationality embeds language skills, knowledge of cultures, flexibility, contacts, networks, taking part in international cooperation, and learning.

Exchange and traineeships

Excellent way for internationalisation during the studies is to go for a student exchange abroad. Karelia UAS has more than 100 partner institutions in 25 different countries. See how they are located around the world!. Every year many students use this opportunity and go for a student exchange from two months to 12 months. You can either study or do practical training abroad. You can join also shorter study visits in Europe or Russia. You obtain information and support about study and trainee exchange abroad, and of other ways to internationalise, from the international coordinator of your study field, or form the International Office.

Studies/training completed abroad are credited fully in the Karelia UAS degree. The exchange period does not prolong the graduation.

Karelia has many different grants for outgoing exchange students depending on a target country. The grant covers partly travel and living costs in a host country. You get support and guidance during their exchange period abroad. Security issues and possible critical situations are taken into account already when planning the exchange.

Internationalisation at home

Becoming international does not always require travelling abroad – personal barriers can be many, starting from family and work situations. Karelia UAS offers plenty of possibilities to go international at home during your studies. These possibilities include:

  • Studying in foreign languages
  • Language and cultural studies
  • Cooperation with foreign degree and exchange students
  • Tutoring international students
  • Working on a thesis together with a foreign student
  • Practical training in a multinational unit
  • Virtual mobility
  • International projects
  • Excursions abroad

Karelia UAS welcomes about 100 incoming exchange students who are studying at Karelia UAS or doing practical training in. In addition, we have approximately 100 foreign degree students in International Business degree programme.

kv opiskelijat

Study units, workload and study methods

Studies consists of study units. The extent and workload of study units is described as credits. Completion of a study unit includes supervised learning with different methods as well as independent work, e.g. assignments, literature and reporting.

An academic year consists of 60 credits, i.e. 40 working weeks. Besides studies, sufficient rest and leisure are important in maintaining one's wellbeing and ability to study.

One credit equals approximately 27 hours of student's work.

One study week equals 1.5 credits, equivalent to 40 hours of student work (including teaching, self/group/team work).

Student's workload per academic year is 1600 hours or 60 credits.

Contact studying takes place at an agreed location at an agreed time. Contact studying includes e.g. contact teaching days and lectures at UAS premises, excursions and trips made by a student group, or following real-time distance lectures via AC (Adobe Connect).

E-learning (distance learning) is a method in which information and communication technology is employed. It allows flexibility in the timing of your studies and you can usually select the most appropriate study time and place. A prerequisite for e-learning is having a computer, broadband connection, headset and a web camera.

The Moodle learning environment and the AC distance learning system are used at Karelia UAS as means of e-learning. Moodle can be used to deliver study materials, submit assignments to the teacher, take exams and discuss learning with your peers. Moodle also serves as a support for student counselling and recorded lectures can also be stored in Moodle. The AC system (Adobe Connect) enables real-time audio and video transmission allowing you to follow lectures from your home computer. By using microphones you can also discuss and conduct group work.

Group work allows you to conduct project work and various project-related assignments. In addition, some individual study units may be implemented as group work.

Independent studying means that a student e.g. gets familiar with study materials and literature, completes learning assignments and conducts studies in an e-learning environment.

Blended learning requires you to have self-discipline, activity, time management skills and determination to take responsibility for your studies. Social interaction and co-operative learning are new kinds of technology-based forms of communication used in blended learning.

Exam is usually one part of all study units. However, some study units can be completed by taking a book exam only.

On-the-job training refers to different placements and project work that develop your expertise and give you an opportunity to establish contacts for your future career.

Study counselling, Student Welfare Officer

Students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences are entitled to study counselling given by the study counsellors of the degree programme, tutor teachers and/or other teachers. The tutor students will help new students to start their studies effectively. Individual counselling is available during the entire extent of the studies.

If you need special support in your studies, you have the right to request reasonable special arrangements. The need for support may regard, for example, reading, writing, other learning-related difficulties, physical or mental illness/condition, disability, burnout, your situation in life, or differences in language or cultural background. Student counsellors, Student Welfare Officer and student health care can give you guidance on arrangements for individualised special support. If you feel you need special arrangements for your studies, you can contact your student counsellor.

Information package on group trustee activities (VIP)

Ms Riikka Kaasinen
Study counsellor for International Business students
Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu | room tu024
+358 50 441 2229

Student Welfare Officer is the social worker of the UAS. The duties of Student Welfare Officer include encouraging and supporting students' wellbeing during their studies and promoting smooth progress of studies. Student Welfare Officer provides advice and counselling both in challenges related to studies and management of life in general as well as offers help in dealing with difficult personal issues. Cooperation between Student Welfare Officer and the student is always confidential. Students may contact Student Welfare Officer themselves or request a teacher or other member of staff to contact her. When appropriate, Student Welfare Officer meets students on different campuses.

Student Welfare Officer Päivi Laakkonen​
Tikkarinne 9, 80200 Joensuu | room D115
+358 50 461 9251

Student health care

Good physical and mental health and sufficient immunisation are very important in order to carry out successfully your studies in Finland. Therefore, study carefully the attached information sheet for new students and the International student's guide to health care services.

Information sheet about health care for new students moving to Finland

Health inquiry form for new students moving to Finland - Fill it in and return to Admissions Services by 31 July 2019

International student’s guide to health care services


SYKETTÄ Sport Services

In Joensuu we have united the sporting services for university students and staff under the same concept Sykettä Susirajalla. Participate in activities and start a new life – you get a large variety of sports to try out and continue to exercise.

Financial aid for students

If you are not a Finnish citizen and have come to Finland for study purposes, the general rule is that you cannot get financial aid from Finland.

All degree students in higher education are eligible for discounted meals at participating student restaurants. You can qualify even if you are not a Finnish citizen. The meal subsidy is €1.94 per meal. The subsidy is deducted from the price of the meal at the student restaurant. You pay the discounted price. The subsidy is available for one meal per day.


POKA is the student union of Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The POKA student card gives you the right to get at some museums, local shops and restaurants, swimming or other sports halls, and at any place that sells tickets with student prices. It is always wise to ask about student discounts! The student card is valid only when a sticker for the current study year is visible. The stickers are available for a fee from the student union organization.

All university (UEF and Karelia) sporting services in Joensuu for students and staff members are united under the same concept Sykettä Susirajalla! Start a new life – you get a large variety of sports to try out and continue to exercise. The fee for these facilities including gym and group exercises are much cheaper compared to local gyms.

Students receive a discount for train fares from the VR railroad system with the issuance of a student VR card. Read more on www.vr.fi

Students are entitled to fare discounts on national long-distance coaches. Students may also obtain a combination card for train and bus travel from the "Matkahuolto" sales offices. Read more on ww.matkahuolto.fi

Within the Joensuu region public transport, students are eligible for a discount on tickets loaded onto Waltti cards. Read more

Residence permit

Students coming from countries outside of the European Union should visit the Finnish Immigration Service website at https://migri.fi/en/studying-in-finland.

In addition to the residence permit, a student from a non-EU country needs to have valid health insurance issued by a reliable company or institution. Non-EU students who are studying in Finland in a fulltime degree programme for the minimum of two years need health insurance that covers medical costs.


In order to apply for accommodation you need to contact the Student Housing Company, Joensuun Elli. Elli is a private company owned by the City of Joensuu. It offers affordable accommodation to students. To increase your chances at getting accommodation, submit your application immediately.

Fill in the application form online at www.joensuunelli.fi and attach a copy of the Notification of decision on student admission to it. It is a compulsory attachment to the application.

If you are not able to get housing for August, a limited number of temporary/emergency housing is organised for new students. For further information contact housing(a)uef.fi.

Information on housing and renting an apartment in Finland

Private companies (some pages may be only in Finnish)

Finnish language on the Internet

Living in Joensuu, Finland

Joensuu is the lively capital of the North Karelia. With the total population of 77 000 (of which 25 % are under 25 of age) Joensuu is the second biggest town in Eastern Finland. As the host of many institutions of higher education, Joensuu is the capital of eastern Finland. Here you can lead an active student life: due to the high number of students, the leisure time services and the lively culture in the city will not leave you cold even during the most freezing winter months. See more.


Admission Services & Student Services

Student Services is responsible for general student administration. Admission Services also operates as part of Student Services. It is responsible for student admissions.

The staff of Student Services will serve and advise you, for example, in issues related to enrolment, right to study and financial aid. Students are also provided with various certificates, such as certificates of attendance and transcripts of records. You can order documents online.

You are required to show an identity document (ID or Poka student card) when picking up attendance certificates or transcripts from us. Student Services also proves your student status for the Employment Office and insurance companies, if needed.

Tikkarinne 9, E-building, 80200 Joensuu, Finland

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10 - 14 
Outside opening hours, please make an appointment.

+358 (0)13 260 6412, studentservices(at)karelia.fi

+358 (0)50 361 1871, admissions(at)karelia.fi

Sending confidential e-mail to Karelia Admission Services


Karelia UAS online